Company Profile

Excel Industries Limited is engaged in the manufacturing of agrochemical intermediates, phosphates, speciality chemicals, biocides and pharma products. The company also conducts research and development activities for creating several custom-made products that meet specific customer requirements. They also focus on waste management, where they have taken the initiative to convert Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into Organic Soil Conditioner (enricher). The company's product range includes agrochemical intermediates such as Phosphorus derivatives like Phosphorous Pentasulphide, Phosphorous Trichloride, Diethylthiophosphoryl Chloride and many more. These derivatives are used in manufacturing of Organophosphorous pesticides, lube, oil, additives, mining chemicals, pharmaceutical dye, intermediates and fire retardant plasticizers. Under phosphates, they manufacture a range of Codex Sequacel and Dispercel. These products have applications in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, soaps and detergents, textile processing, bottle washing, industrial and institutional cleaners, deflocculation of slurries, antiscalant formulations for oilfields, sea water evaporators, reverse osmosis and sugar processing. Under speciality chemicals, Excel Industries has developed speciality chemicals such as SPA, PPPBP, PEEB, DTPs, PPA, THPE, DMBPC, NICOTINIC and ESTER.

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