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Jyothy Laboratories Limited was established in 1983 in Thrissur, Kerala. From manufacturing and selling a single product to a household name in the category, the company has come a long way. With a turnover of about Rs. 1,800 Crores, they continue to grow as one of the country’s most trusted brands. Their products are priced affordably, packaged exceptionally, and distributed nationally. Starting with ‘Ujala Supreme’ in the 80s, they lead the fabric whitener space for a long time and have only grown their portfolio with brands like Henko, Mr. White, and More Light. Their benchmark creations include household insecticides, surface cleaners, and air care products. With brands like Margo, Neem and Fa, they have their roots deep into the personal care category. They also provide a range of dish wash products to help tackle the matters of the sink better.

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