UP your trading game with Options Strategy Builder


It’s time to UP your trading game with Options Strategy Builder

Options trading has been on the rise lately with buying/selling of index options going UP by 51%📈 between Jun’20 to Mar’21,

So, to help you be a part of this UPwards trend, we’ve introduced a tool to make options trading simpler for you.


Because the more the merrier!

An easy-to-use tool available on the new Upstox app and web platform to create an options strategy and place up to 4 orders at a time.

Why pay more, when you can hedge

With this feature you can place a long and short option order simultaneously and avail margin benefits from the Exchange for hedging your position. So you can essentially take the same trade that you would in a single order but pay significantly lesser margin upfront by placing a basket order. This frees up your capital to place more trades! Amazing, isn’t it?

1.2.3. It’s that simple!

1. Tap on the ‘Option Chain’ from scrip details, then on ‘Create Strategy’ and then on the LTP of the strike price that you want to select.
2. Select or enter the side, quantity, and price.
3. Then tap ‘Add to strategy’. The order will be added to the review tab at the bottom of the page.

Keep tapping and adding more orders (max of up to 4 legs) as per your strategy.

Once your orders have been reviewed and confirmed they will be placed and will start reflecting in the ‘Orders’ tab under ‘Trades’.

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Options Strategy Builder is only available on the new Upstox app. Switch to it now to start exploring!


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