Quick & painless payments via UPI on Upstox



I'm excited to announce UPI on Upstox. Now you can instantly transfer money to your Upstox account and begin trading. We have the easiest, quickest process to add money to your trading account. With this next-generation payment interface, you don't have to wait for days or even hours for your money to come to your trading account. Now, transfer money from over 100 banks to Upstox instantly with UPI.

Why UPI is better

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is built on the new banking framework that supports instant payments. Over 100 banks in India have UPI facilities and over 35 of them have mobile apps that support UPI. Many of you had to use NEFT/RTGS to transfer funds into your Upstox account-- this process could take several hours. With UPI, we've compressed the time to near-instant.

How Upstox makes it easy

We have instant transfers enabled for both securities and commodities trading. Transfer money effortlessly through the BHIM app or your bank's mobile app. Use any VPA (virtual payment address) tied to your bank accounts. The Upstox app accepts multiple VPAs tied to the same account. So you can use the VPA tied to your phone such as 9820498204@upi or to your bank like rajprakash@hdfcbank.

Free for 7 months

Transferring your funds is instant, easy, and, best of all--free. We're waiving off all bank fees for the next 7 months.

Using UPI now

Now, you can transfer money with UPI using Upstox Pro Web. Go to the Balance screen and click Add Funds. There will be an option for adding money via UPI. Check out our step-by-step visual guide on how to transfer via UPI on Upstox Pro Web.

What's Next

Right now, we have rolled it out for Upstox Pro Web. Soon, you'll be able to transfer funds instantly even via Upstox Pro Mobile. We'll have it enabled for all devices very soon. Keep an eye out for feature updates on the highest rated trading app on the Play Store and App Store.

Our goal is to continue innovating in the trading space. With instant payments, you can now open an account, add money and trade--all in a few minutes. Open an account with Upstox to see what you've been missing out.

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