Transfer funds instantly with UPI

You can add funds to your Upstox account in multiple ways. The easiest way to add money to your securities and commodities account is through the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) method.

Adding your UPI handle

Make sure that the bank account you wish to transfer funds from is connected to or added: either as a primary or secondary bank account with Upstox.

You'll be able to add only those bank accounts that are connected with UPI. Each bank account has a unique VPA (Virtual Payment Address) that you will need when you are moving funds.

Let us explain how you can add and transfer funds using your web trading platform with the help of your UPI handle:

  1. First go to your Upstox Pro Web app and click the rupee icon on the top right to see your balance.
  2. Next, click on Add Funds and you’ll see a familiar screen with more options. Fill in how much you want to transfer, and select the bank account you want to use. Type the UPI VPA (Virtual Payment Address) tied to your bank account. Click Continue once all that’s done.
  3. A request to transfer the amount will be sent to your VPA ID and Upstox Pro will wait 10 minutes to get a confirmation before processing the transaction.
  4. Open your preferred UPI app on your mobile and you’ll see an open request for a transaction from Upstox. Follow the screens on your mobile app to send the money to your Upstox account.
  5. Immediately you’ll see the amount credited into your Upstox account.At present, UPI is only available on Upstox Pro web. Soon, you’ll be able to add and transfer funds easily using the method via your Android and/or iPhone.

If you do not have a VPA set up for the bank account you wish to use for funds transfer, you can use any of the other payment methods: Direct Transfer by NEFT/RTGS.