Beware of phishing scams

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With the increased reliance on mobile phones and home internet devices during the pandemic, cyber crimes are on an accelerated rise. With the lockdown situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have targeted the emerging vulnerability resulting from the work from home framework, certain news articles even claim that the many cyber scams going around have doubled during the COVID-19 lockdown and it seems like the world has come to a time where one must not only take care of their physical health but also be on the alert for any financial ailments that scams may invoke.

One such scam doing many rounds over the past few weeks is that of phishing. This particular cyber threat is one that probes you to click on a URL that may seem very similar to a legitimate URL that you frequently use and while you think you’re signing into a safe webspace, the fraudulent URL captures your login credentials (User Id, password, and other inputs).

Wondering how this is possible?

Cyber crime predators create fraudulent websites in a manner that replicated legitimate websites, making it difficult for you to recognise that you have visited a fraudulent site. These URLs may be sent to you in Emails, SMSes or social media posts. Once you click on this URL and use your credentials to sign in, your details are captured.

It has been brought to our attention that such a fraudulent URL,which may or may not be similar to the legitimate Upstox website URL, is being circulated too. On this note, we would like for you to remain extra cautious to ensure your financial portfolio is free from such threats. 

Here is what you can do to stay alert and avoid becoming a victim of any such phishing scam:

  • Use only the Upstox Pro mobile app or to log into your Upstox account and trade. You can also click on this link and bookmark it to ensure you use only this link
  • Look for the Lock icon next to the url- This indicates that you have a secure connection with our servers.
  • Avoid using any other website URL as it could direct you to a fraudulent website as part of a phishing scam to try and steal your User ID, Password and any other details
  • Do not give out your Upstox credentials( i.e. User Id /password / any other details) to anyone over the phone or on any website
  • Change the password of your account at regular intervals (preferably every 30-45 days)
  • Report any suspicious and unrecognised activity, if found on your account


We wish you the best financial and physical health during this time and hope you will remain on the alert with such scams doing the rounds.

  • Sumantra Chabri

    Thanks for informing. 🙏

    • Padma Trading

      One of the staff of Upstox – Mr. Karan S…ni himself trying to trap poor customers by sharing their credentials to scammers. Upstox management is unaware of this. He also urge traders to join with one professional scammer, one such message I have received from his phone itself.

  • Kishor Ubale

    Hello Upstox, I saw the various features given by Market Leader Zerodha for it’s customers. Best I felt is STREAK this is platform where the person without knowledge of coding and algo trading and can do something equal to algo trading. I guess you are aware about streak, So please bring some service like that for the customers of Upstox. The best thing about that is we can backtest strategies there easily. So it’s my humble request please bring some service like that.

    One more thing to say Upstox Brokerage Calculator is not updated with new high brokerage rate which you have 0.05% that calculator calculates brokerage with old rate 0.01% so it really sucks and I have already told that to customer care but they haven’t taken any action.

    If you people keep behaving like that then it won’t be fair with the customers and ultimately customers will be unhappy and they have to shift to some other platforms.
    And you people offer free account opening and recover that amount in high brokerage which is 0.05 as compared to zerodha’s 0.03 so better keep account opening charges.

    I just hope you will do something in favour of customers too without paying too much attention on own profits.