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19 March, Thu 4:04 pm
In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, we have enabled a work-from-home facility for all our employees, including our on-call representatives. This may cause a temporary delay in responding to your queries. Kindly reach out to us via email by writing to us at support@upstox.com as call responses may be a little delayed. We appreciate.. Read more
18 October, Fri 1:35 pm
On account of assembly elections in Maharashtra, the markets will be closed on 21st October, 2019. However, the second (evening) section of commodity trading will be open from 5:00PM – 11:30PM. For more details, see the NSE Circular, BSE circulars for Equity and Currency, and MCX circular.  Read more
30 September, Mon 7:50 pm
We are taking the time to better our API services. So, our API services will now be available to a closed group of users only. We will be sure to inform you when the service is available to new users like you. Read more
25 June, Tue 12:54 pm
There have been some modifications in the contract specifications for copper futures contract. These are as follows: Change from ‘both options’ to ‘compulsory delivery.’ There will now be a uniform trading and delivery lot size of 2500 kg (2.5 MT).  For details, please refer to the MCX circular, dated 12th June, 2019.    Read more
6 May, Mon 5:34 pm
On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, the Exchange is conducting an extended live trading session on Tuesday – May 07, 2019. During this session running from 4.30pm – 7pm, customers will be able to trade only in Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Sovereign Gold Bonds. For other important instructions pertaining to the extended.. Read more
27 September, Thu 2:21 pm
Now you can renew your app subscriptions, automatically! Just click renew on your API Dashboard and an auto-debit will be set up from your securities ledger. So, while we get paid on the right date at the right time, you get to focus on your trading! Read more
8 August, Wed 3:12 pm
You can switch between night and day themes on the Upstox Pro web platform by clicking the sun/moon icon in the top menu bar. Sharper fonts and clarity help you analyse charts and read the scrip details. Read more
25 July, Wed 6:26 pm
You've been using UPI to add funds to your Upstox Pro web platform for almost a month now. Our mobile developers have now brought the same seamless payment experience to your Upstox Pro mobile app. Just upgrade your app to the latest version and make payments using UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Read more