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27 September, Thu 2:21 pm
Now you can renew your app subscriptions, automatically! Just click renew on your API Dashboard and an auto-debit will be set up from your securities ledger. So, while we get paid on the right date at the right time, you get to focus on your trading! Read more
8 August, Wed 3:12 pm
You can switch between night and day themes on the Upstox Pro web platform by clicking the sun/moon icon in the top menu bar. Sharper fonts and clarity help you analyse charts and read the scrip details. Read more
25 July, Wed 6:26 pm
You've been using UPI to add funds to your Upstox Pro web platform for almost a month now. Our mobile developers have now brought the same seamless payment experience to your Upstox Pro mobile app. Just upgrade your app to the latest version and make payments using UPI (Unified Payment Interface). Read more