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Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now in India

Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now in India

Best Indian Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now

Stocks, known as penny stocks, often trade for less than INR 50. They are often illiquid and have a small market capitalization. As a result, smaller investors are less familiar with penny stocks.

Because the information about their fundamentals and operations is either unreliable or unavailable, investors stay away from them. However, after a few trading sessions, penny stocks are known for producing multi-bagger gains.

Characteristics of Penny Stocks

Little liquidity, little historical data, the potential to become a multi-bagger company, and comparatively modest valuations are just a few features of penny stocks. Let's clarify these:

Low Liquidity: 

Penny stocks are generally associated with small firms and rarely fluctuate, which suggests a lack of market liquidity or buyers. Consequently, since buyers are not always accessible, investors may find it challenging to sell a penny stock in an emergency.

Limited Historical Data: 

Many businesses categorized as penny stocks may be young, and others may go out of business. These companies generally don't have any history or a terrible history. As you can anticipate, assessing a stock's potential is difficult when there is a lack of historical data.

High Return Potential: 

Penny stocks often exhibit greater volatility levels, increasing both the potential for profit and the associated risk.

Low Cost: 

Due to their reduced price, penny stocks have the potential for a significant share price increase.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Penny Stocks In India

A penny stock has an equally high chance of failing. Quick closure of the business is possible, as is the likelihood of multi-bagger returns. No more than 2% to 3% of a person's portfolio worth should be allocated to penny stock investments.

The majority of penny stock investing is speculation. Investors should first refrain from investing in them. If they do, they should consider it as if they were purchasing a lottery ticket. You shouldn't ever grow emotionally connected to them to get positive news.

The buy-and-hold strategy is never recommended for investors, even if recent returns have been substantial. None can consistently make wealth for shareholders or adhere to an available reporting system. To avoid falling prey to a plot by operators who sell off their shares after manipulating the market, investors should do a comprehensive study on the stock and current events.

Because penny stocks have such tremendous volatility, investing in them may be beneficial. However, an investor of penny stock must exercise caution while making such purchases by considering the following factors:

Quite Risky

Penny stocks in India are the riskiest investments. They are speculative and may result in more significant gains or losses. Therefore, it is advised to start modestly and gradually raise your investment to go along if you are interested in penny stocks.

Avoid Using The Buy And Hold Strategy

You are warned against using the buy-and-hold strategy while investing in penny stocks. Instead, consider investing in them for brief periods and waiting for them to mature before reinvesting. Your risk levels will considerably drop as a result.

Exceptional Returns

Compared to alternative investments like mutual funds or equity shares, penny stocks in India provide investors with above-average returns on their money. To make more money with less danger, it is advisable that you only invest in them if you have high hopes for their future success.

Penny stock investment is an intelligent strategy for quick profits, but it shouldn't be your long-term plan. Since penny stocks are sometimes volatile, you could discover that your investment has lost some value after a few months or years.

Additionally, they are vulnerable to abrupt value declines caused by changes in the market or new initiatives inside the organizations involved.

Benefits of Penny Stock Investing in India

Although very volatile, the best penny stocks to buy have the potential to provide spectacular gains. They have gained popularity among investors because they can generate rapid development in a short amount of time. Small investments may provide significant returns.

Tomorrow's Gainers: 

Many credible companies deal in pennies. They can have established administration and teams, solid financial standing and expanding ratios, increasing revenue, and ground-breaking goods or services prepared to conquer an industry.

Finding The Ideal Penny Stock Is Exciting: 

We are familiar with the rush that comes with significant investing gains (and losses). Hunting, trading, and penny stock investment are all fascinating.

A Little Money May Lead To Far Larger Things: 

Most penny stock traders start with relatively small funds. A person may only be able to buy three or four shares of a blue-chip company with INR 1000 to trade. They may purchase thousands of shares of penny stocks for the same sum of money.

Gains Occur Quickly: 

Not all penny stocks see quick price changes. However, those who do often cause significant price changes in days instead of years.

Risks Associated with Buying Penny Stocks

Lack of liquidity makes it harder for holders to pay out. Frequently, penny stocks are minimally traded. The "pump and dump" method, a sort of fraud in microcap stocks, is sometimes called artificially increasing share prices to provide misleading assertions about the company's position.

Penny Stocks in India - Frauds, And Scams

Scams using penny stocks are common in India. Because so few individuals are aware of the risks associated with investing in penny stocks, penny stock scammers have an easier time defrauding customers.

A penny stock scam's main objective is to persuade investors that they may benefit by purchasing a firm's shares at a discount and selling them at a higher price when their market recovers. The drawback of this strategy is that there is no assurance that the value will rise. Even if it does, it may not rise high enough so that you can profit materially from your investment.

Top 10 Best Penny Stocks To Buy Now in India

Here are some of the best penny stocks to buy today:

S.No. Best Penny Stocks To Buy in India 2022 Industry
1. Vodafone Idea Ltd Telecommunications
2. Alok Industries Ltd Textile
3. HFCL Telecommunications
4. Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd Banking
5. Indian Overseas Bank Banking
6. Bank of Maharashtra Ltd Banking
7. Dish Tv India Ltd Satellite Television
8. GMR Infrastructure Ltd. Aviation
9. Morepen Laboratories Ltd Pharmaceutical
10. Yes, Bank Ltd Banking

How Come Penny Stocks Are A Good Investment?

The most frequent question from investors is this one. Less risk and a bigger return are the basic solutions to all your queries regarding investments in the best penny stocks. Due to their ease of purchase, sale, and trading, penny stocks are less volatile than other equities.

They are also liquid, enabling quick entry and exit from the market as needed. Due to these two criteria, investing in the best penny stocks is less dangerous than in other forms of assets like mutual funds or real estate, which may be challenging for new investors or stock traders.


Penny stocks are reasonable, cheap shares that firms offer. Penny stocks often appeal to many investors because of how stable their prices are. Another factor that makes the best penny stocks appealing is that the businesses that issue them utilize the stock to directly or indirectly purchase out shares from their public owners. 

Due to their volatility, investors should consider the abovementioned considerations, risk tolerance, and investment objective before trading. In conclusion, penny stocks shouldn't be the main focus of your investing portfolio. They should not be disregarded, however, at the same time. For more assistance, you can refer to the list of the best penny stocks in India mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is a better option than buying penny stocks?

Mutual fund investments are the most excellent option for penny stock investments since they are professionally managed and assist investors in building diversified portfolios across many forms of investment, including shares, bonds, and money market instruments.

I want to invest in penny stocks, but how much money do I need?

Penny stocks don't have a hefty price tag. Some businesses let you purchase their shares for only a few bucks! Some experts advise against opening an account with more than INR 100 since you can concentrate on learning the basics before making more significant investments.

How is penny stock trading done?

Penny stocks may be traded in person at your local brokerage office or online via various brokerages. You must ensure you have the funds available to finish the deal in full if you decide to trade in person (and remember that purchasing a penny stock may demand a minimum purchase value). Furthermore, compared to other assets, some brokers may demand more significant commissions for trading penny stocks.

Is investing in penny stocks risky?

Yes, purchasing penny stocks involves a variety of concerns. First, if the firm fails and its stockholders lose their investment, you might lose money. Another danger is that the stock loses value over time while other investments appreciate, so it doesn't make any money (possibly outperform them).

What distinguishes regular stocks from penny stocks?

Compared to other assets, penny stocks often have significantly smaller market capitalizations and less liquidity (i.e., they are not traded as frequently). This makes them riskier than ordinary equities, mainly if you're aiming for short-term profits to make it challenging for investors to sell their shares when they wish to exit their holdings.