Time to invest in 60+ exchanges across 25 countries with Upstox Global Investments


Global markets and economies all around the world have suffered steep corrections over the past few weeks, due to the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic. Work from home is becoming a new business as usual. This is giving millennials, a little more time to relook at their investment portfolio. Instead of shying away from the stock market at this troubled time, the growth in new Demat accounts is painting a different picture altogether. Investors are identifying this as an apt time to accumulate stocks in their portfolios and explore the new opportunities in the stock market...now why should you limit your investments to one market instead of diversifying it globally? 

If you bought Amazon shares $10,000 in 1997, it would be worth $12 million today. However, the question is, how would you buy shares of global blue-chip companies like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla sitting in India? If you think that it’s still impossible, then think again. The Upstox Global Investments service makes such opportunities possible. You can actually invest in stocks in over 60 stock exchanges across 25 countries. India has a market cap of $2.2 trillion and that is about 2.5% of the global market. With an opportunity to invest in a global market, it is now easy to access global markets worth $90 trillion.

Why invest in global companies?

Investing in global companies offers 3 distinct advantages to you as an investor.

  • Diversify your portfolio - Global investing diversifies your portfolio and the risk associated with investing in multiple exchanges of different countries. This reduces the overall impact of volatility associated with one market. 
  • Save on costs with Upstox - The big challenge in global investing is cost. Now, with Upstox, your equity portfolio can include marquee names like Apple, BMW and Alibaba, all this at no account opening fee! In addition to this, Upstox also offers zero commission investing on trading in US markets*. 
  • Wide range of investments to choose from -There is a tremendous choice at your disposal. You can pick and choose biotech companies from the US, internet companies from China and auto companies from Germany.

The power of choice

How do you participate in global stocks that could benefit from BREXIT (UK leaving the EU)? How do you buy stocks that could benefit you because they are at an advanced stage to find a vaccination for Coronavirus? Global investing gives you the power of choice in all these cases.

The moral of the story here is: it is a great time to diversify your portfolio with attractive valuations using Upstox Global Investments!

In case, you haven’t signed up for early access, you can do so here: www.upstox.com/international 


* Investing in USA exchange listed stocks will be commission-free until 31st August, 2020. Post that there will be a charge of $2 per trade. The pricing for other countries is 0.1% or $9.9, whichever is higher.