This IPL 2022 season, Upstox Cric Exchange is the game to play


Cricket and India are as synonymous as chai and pakora in monsoon. And this fever gets heightened during the Indian Premier League. From fashioning the jersey of your favourite teams, to lining up at stadiums, and indulging in Twitter feuds, IPL has become a festival for the cricket-loving community.

On the other hand, Indians have also taken to the stock markets like never before, with millions of new investors entering the markets in the past few years Bridging the gap between cricket and the markets, Upstox has come up with a unique game offering this IPL 2022 season, Upstox Cric Exchange. Open this link on your mobile to play or scan the QR code below. 

Here's a quick guide on how to play Upstox Cric Exchange.

What is Upstox Cric Exchange (UCE)? 

Upstox Cric Exchange (UCE) is a unique blend of cricket and trading, where you can win rewards and learn the fundamentals of trading in an interactive gaming format. 

Are you a die-hard cricket fan who felt left out in getting a piece of the action during the IPL auction 2022. Well, fret not! Here’s your chance to be a part of the craze by playing UCE. In this game, you can buy and/or sell – basically trade – cricketers and win exciting rewards.

After you have bought a selection of players, they will be added to your portfolio. Before every IPL match, all you have to do is select a maximum of 5 players from one of the two teams playing against each other. After you have locked them in, you will be able to earn UPruns based on the selected players’ performance in the real-time IPL match. Remember, you can’t change the selection once the players are locked in. You can also make a new selection only the next day. The performance is rated out of 10 on the basis of the in-house CricIndex. 

What makes this game interesting?

You could be a regular trader who is excited about this gaming concept. Or you are a beginner who wants to understand the workings of a trading platform. This game can be your entryway into the world of trading where you can practice and learn the basics of buying and selling through UPruns. UPruns are virtual points awarded by default in the beginning of the game. 

Before you invest money on real stocks in the share market, use UPruns in this game to bet on cricketers by buying and selling them based on their performance. You need to first buy your favourite cricketers using the UPruns just like you would buy shares of the company of your interest. Later, these cricketers are put to contest as the IPL match begins. 

The ratings of your players in the game are calculated based on the performance of the players in live IPL matches. Just the way stock prices rise and fall in the stock market.

When your selected players do well, you earn more UPruns. These UPruns can be used to buy or sell more players, or could be exchanged for tangible rewards. The more you learn, the more you earn.

How to play the game?

If you are a regular gamer, this game is going to be a breeze. And even if you are not a gamer, it can’t get simpler than this.  

Anybody can play this game. All you've got to do is log in using your mobile number, verify the OTP, and get started! 

After logging in, you will find three main sections at the bottom of the homepage. These three sections are key to this game. Let’s take a look at them:


  • This section lets you select and lock your Team of five players everyday.
  • The Player Portfolio tab shows you the list of your purchased players. 
  • Today’s Match shows you the match fixtures and your 5 selected players.


  • ‘Trade’ section lets you buy new players or sell the ones that are already part of your Player Portfolio.  
  • The UPruns icon also lets you view your transaction history of bought and sold players.


  • This section shows your rank/spot on the UPruns tally among other users.

You can keep a tab on your UPruns Wallet, which updates every day, when you earn or use UPruns. In the beginning, 1000 UPruns are credited to your account to help you get started. You can trade players, earn UPruns and claim rewards with your earned UPruns.  

Curious to learn more about the game? Click here and head to the Help section and find out more.

So, are you all set to play? Check the IPL dates and the IPL match schedules, head to the game, select your players, and GET, SET, GO!

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