Introducing Pro Web 3.0!


We’ve completely reworked our existing web platform and come up with a more powerful and easy-to-use platform- Pro Web 3.0. We’ve gone back to the drawing board, used the powerful ‘React javascript’ and created an improved user interface and a better trading experience for you. We’re really excited to tell you all about the host of new features that we have lined up, so here goes...

1) Two chart libraries

You asked for charts from and we’ve listened! The new Pro Web 3.0 will have charts powered by TradingView. You can now-

  • Customize multiple charting options, to see charts the way you like them
  • View charts in a new tab, to ensure you never miss even a small detail
  • Access the Stochastics RSI technical indicator, to add even more muscle to your analysis

However, if you are very comfortable using our existing charts from the ChartIQ library, you need not worry! We aren’t going to leave you out. Pro Web 3.0 will give you the power to choose between ChartIQ and TradingView charts. So, go ahead and choose what suits your trading style the best.

Here’s a preview of what our new charts will look like: 


2) Modifications of bracket orders (OCO) 

We’ve worked on taking away the hassle of modifying your bracket orders (OCO). Once you have placed a bracket order, it's always a huge hassle to modify your stop loss (2nd leg) and target (3rd leg) orders. When traded in multiple parts, these orders are most likely split into many separate orders. With Pro Web 3.0, you can now modify your bracket orders all-in-one place and at one time through the positions tab, as shown below- 

There may be times when you want to modify only one leg of your bracket order and not the entire set. We’ve got you covered. With Pro Web 3.0, you can now view the price at which each leg of the bracket order has been placed. That’s not all- you can even modify the price of each individual leg!

3) Option chain with strategy mode

For all you options traders out there, we’ve got good news! We’ve bolstered our option chain feature. Pro Web 3.0 gives you the option of placing orders for option contracts by using option strategies. You can do this, by entering the strategy mode and simply selecting all the contracts that you want to send at the same time. You can add or reduce the quantity of your selected contracts. This is visible in the right-hand side of the order entry bar (as shown below). You have the option to send 4 orders at once, using the strategy mode! 


4)  Pin stocks to your watchlists

We’ve also made keeping track of all your favourite stocks and indices easier. With Pro Web 3.0, you can now pin up to 2 stocks (symbols) on to the watchlist header.

5) View recent payments history

We know it can sometimes get tough to keep a track of all the fund transfers between your bank and trading accounts. To help you keep a track of these, you can now see your last 10 fund deposits and/or withdrawals under the funds tab on Pro Web 3.0 

6) Toggle view in watchlist

We’ve given your analysis an extra boost by providing toggle view in your watchlists.  Pro Web 3.0 gives you the option to view volume instead of price in your watchlist. You switch between volume and price, simply by clicking on the toggle button (as shown below). 

7) View your order and portfolio history along with the scrip details

How often do you have to switch between scrip details and the orders and portfolio tab? A lot! Right? We have now taken away the hassle of constantly having to do this. With Pro Web 3.0, you can view your order and portfolio history of a particular scrip in the details tab of that scrip. So you can have all the information about a particular scrip in one place. 

Send feedback button

With Pro Web 3.0, we’ve eliminated the distance between you and us. You will be able to see the ‘Send Feedback’ button in the upper right corner of your screen at all times. Please feel free to click on it and let us know what you like about Pro Web 3.0 and what you think we could do better. This will go a long way in helping us improve the trading experience for you and lakhs of other traders. 

Start using the new and improved Pro Web 3.0 today by clicking here:

Like what you see? If you don't have an Upstox account, you can open one now! Sign up here- 

  • Much needed updates. Thank u

  • Karthick

    multiple session and multiple chart option missing

  • Lohith Mysore

    i am waiting for this one. thank you

  • Anurag Tripathi

    Multiple charts option(atleast two charts) is a must. Also I am not able to find option to toggle between greeks on option chain.

  • Justin Baby

    multiple chart option is missing and greek values are necessary in option trading for option strategy building . previous version is really stand out from other brokers but this is almost same of others platforms.make some difference by including multiple charting window and one click trade execution option. i really like previous version than this.

    • Tushar Ranjan Sahoo

      Hi Justin

      You can use the open in new tab features to open multiple charts in new tabs as of now.

      • Arivazhagan

        we cant keep change the window frequently so better give multiple chart options in single window,otherwise u may loose many clients

        • Tushar Ranjan Sahoo


          Yes agreed, we have started working on the same. Thanks for the feedback on this. It’s much appreciated. 🙂


        • Aswin K

          yes exactly. and the dark theme is also not available. Now, we need to save after every drawings or text that we have made. In the previous version, everything would be saved automatically.

        • Veda Prakash

          Multiple Chart was one of the best system which was provided. Now it is not available. I agree . Toggling the window frequently is not a good idea. Please provide which helps the clients.

      • Abhinav Bhardwaj

        Hi Tushar,

        He is saying this type Multiple chart. This option is not available.

        • Desh Duniya

          yes not avail

    • Ramesh


  • Aswin K


  • Sunny Kamath

    Congratulations Upstox!! I knew my choice can never be misaligned ..keep innovationg…just ensure the app works 24*7 with no downtimes which i encounter on a daily basis from 2Am onwards IST …PLS get this downtime eliminated first !! also any reason why app has to switch off every night…is it so badly load balanced or bugged that maintenance required every night or no failover DCs to cool off the CPUs…strange …reffering to the android version…!

  • Gautam Chopra

    Keep up the good work upstox. Really happy to see the upgrade this morning.

  • Girish Dhruw

    there’s no option for workplace and multiple chart option so for me its a downgrade for me.

  • Swapnil Jadhav

    Multiple charts are missing and hence my 8-9 friends are planning to switch to fyers andzerodha because they (fyers)offered best charts powered by

  • prem deo


  • Bhoopendra Lodhi

    Waiting for mutiple chart layout option because without that we can not take proper decision .. We have to see overall view of market in one screen not by tab by tab

  • shiv kumar

    Amazing !!!!!! Amazing just amazing thats what we needed thanks upstox for this upgrade.Best part is the popout chart thanks again

  • rajj


  • Ramchandra Sawailal Mandan

    Waiting for mutiple chart layout option because without that we can not take proper decision .. We have to see overall view of market in one screen not by tab by tab

  • rajj

    if i draw a support and resistance in weekly chart make sure it must be present in daily chart and hourly chart .In previous software this was your disadvantage which i don’t like .

  • Ramchandra Sawailal Mandan

    Multiple charts are missing and hence my 8-9 friends are planning to switch to fyers andzerodha because they (fyers)offered best charts powered by

  • Shiva Das

    A really great move to provide TradingView charts and I really appreciate that and also the other cool new features. But I feel a lot of basic features for which TradingView is popular are missing. The first one like many have mentioned is obviously multiple charts in the same window. It is not very productive/convenient hopping between multiple web tabs to check multiple charts. This feature is a must if nothing else. Apart from that I have a few more recommendations/feedback.

    When I click buy/sell the panel eats up a lot of chart real estate. It would be great if you provide a floating buy sell panel instead. Also, the ability to hide the watchlist would be nice as that too eats up chart space. Nevertheless, you have done a great job with the collapsible orders/positions/holdings tab. It looks nice and neat when collapsed and still shows what is important. I also especially like the overall P&L on holdings tab which was long overdue.

    You seriously need to consider implementing the traded price on chart in proper TradingView style. I think this is the most innovative feature in the recent years and a very helpful one too. And to make things even great implement it with one click trade which even Fyers lacks and you guys will rock. This will be a dream come true for scalpers.

    I also want to bring to your notice a glitch in Pro Web 2.0 where when I invoke the buy/sell panel and click on it after some time when the right opportunity arises it fails to trigger the trade. Looks like it has a limited life of a few seconds after which it does not work and we have to close it and invoke it again for it to work. I didn’t get to test this much today in Pro Web 3.0, but hope this has been taken care of.

    Lastly, I am missing the black theme… please bring it back. But nevertheless I am glad at least I can customize the looks of the chart in a color scheme I want for the time being and it stays good even on refresh.

  • Susanta Sahu

    Really improvement hapy with upsox

  • Debasis Pattnaik

    Hi, Thx for this integration. Now when this TV is around, please bring in the CPR custom indicator to apply on the charts. Or enable to apply Prev Day Pivot, Weekly Pivot, Monthly Privot and Top control, Bottom control range (pivot), Prev Day High and Low, Weekly High and Low, Monthly High Low levels in the chart. It will be great support


    Sir, I didn’t find night theme option in this new website, Please tell me when night theme is updated on Upstox Pro Web 3.0.

  • sajalkumar dhar

    This is really a good job. I am waiting for this .

  • Amey Pednekar

    Nice, but ya i would like to see the night mode, which i am very friendly with. I am hoping Upstox to come up with a very important feature that we see mostly in Metatrader platform, wherein we can easily move or drag the Stop Loss line on the chart itself. its a very dominant feature and can help many traders like me. waiting for ur reply..

  • Naveen Dasari

    Great…! waiting for this. If you can add the order modification added to the chart window would be great.
    Please add the feature to quick modify and place orders.
    1. Add Black theme because most traders sit in front of the PC for long time to analysis.
    2. Quick order and moving the trailing stop loss on the chart.

    Fyers is well ahead on this. try to improve it.

  • Ritwik Agrawal

    The strategy builder for options should also show a payoff chart. Then only it would be true strategy builder. I have been using sensibull and Zerodha and have recently started on UPSTOX. My initial experience is very bad. Pro web 2.0 was laggy. The order placement does not has some basic features such changing price with up down button for fine tuning limit order prices. I once had more than 20 position (OCO) order open, and it was a pain to close those positions. Zerodha has “exit all” button. No to mention PRO WEB lagged while I was placing a stoploss order, had refresh, it happened another day and I was logged out with naked orders open, and unifinised trades which I had to close. I was then unable to login for 2 hours. I withdrew all my funds as soon as I was able to login again. Overall UNRELIABLE and LACKS BASIC FEATURES

    • Roopeshakumar Shalgar

      I completely agree with you, GUI design is very nascent

  • Vivek V

    no buy or sell order for the one opened in another tab?

  • Vivek V

    earlier i can click on + button and when i click on the name of the stock it would directly fetch the chart, now i have to add to my existing list and then hover and click on view chart symbol

    Earlier one was easy no need to add the stock into any watchlist, search and click the stock the chart is ready

  • Vivek V
  • Roopeshakumar Shalgar

    I recently opened account with upstox and was very disappointed with user interface. The interface makes trading very slow especially when every second counts here. Also very basic intuitive things are missing. For example, in the “holding” window somewhere ( may be at the bottom) you can show total investment, total losses, percentage losses.
    Sorry for being blunt here but i think your user interface was designed more from a developer perspective and not from traders. My advise is you need to come out openly and take client feedback and redesign lot of things.

    • Roopeshakumar Shalgar

      Just started using the 3.0 beta version which seems awesome. A giant leap over the previous version. Thanks!

  • Ajay Kumar

    Please also provide separate section (like you have done for “fund tab”) for portfolio holding in which can see grand total at bottom like net day’s profit loss, net profit loss , net investment value , net current value


    Hi ! I would like to have Good Till Cancelled ( at least for a month ) option in putting orders . That will reduce the login headache for investors like me and your login capacity will be utilised in an optimal way .

  • Tarun Goyal

    please add option strategy mode for currency derivatives also

  • Kalyan Rao

    Don’t have an option of saving the template

  • Vaibhav

    I am so so happy to have tradingView charts on my upstox platform. Thanks a ton!

  • Umar Salman Junaidi

    Congrats to all of us, Upstox family.
    Keep it up…

  • Siva As

    please add dark theme

  • M Rais Tigadi

    Very Great Update. Upstox is trying hard to attract clients. However i have few observations. If they are implemented. This would be the best platform available in market.
    1. The Watchlist space can be still narrowed down/squeezed/ allow the user to hover so that the charting area can be maximized.
    2. Multiplate chart window is required. Its very imp for traders. We cant sit switching tabs.
    3. For orders updating/modifying we need quick access tool bar.

    4. Dark mode. Its a must now.. to even work at nights.
    5. Saving Indicator and charting templates option is also mandatory.

    Rest all good. This is what i have observed..

  • RAVI SHANKER Gopalakrishnan

    multiple chart option needed .. geeks too ,,

  • Shree Panicker

    Congratulations on choosing to tie up with Trading View. However, need to point out that Trading View PRO allows user to customise time frames. Wasn’t able to sight that in the beta version of Pro Web 3.0. Hope that is included, so as to give users more flexibility in trading.

  • Rahul K

    New version is good but few drawbacks..No dark theme like old day theme heikin ashi candle colour is very full screen chart Buy/sell option is missing…watch list like previous version is best..I suggest to keep version 2.0

    • jayadevan P

      @tu@tusharranjansahoo:disqus ya do kindly keep the older version for now till the pro 3 version is improved

  • Ramchandra Sawailal Mandan

    Save chart command do not function. Once charts are saved, next day it not showing. we have prepare all charts again by inserting different indicators which is very time consuming. the previous version is better than this.
    And one thing more the trading view plateform is not exactly identical to original one. lots of function are missing.
    You have just superimposed on your chart with your available indicators.
    donot discontinue your previous version on 17 may till this new one work effectively.

  • oka emailu

    we need an option to trade from charts similar to Fyers/Tradingview where we can right click at a price point and enter an order, and that orders should be shown on the chart. we also need option to trade from pop out charts. While placing orders, its better to have pop up window rather than taking up space on the other side of the window.

  • Manish Bhardwaj

    This beta version of 3.0 is not compatible for trading from iPad. Can’t scroll down from watchlist. Neither can plot charts on trading view charts

  • Mayuresh Malviya

    I am very disappointed with this new version because all good features like Multiple charts opening in one window is not available now,This is the best feature available in old version now
    please add this same feature in new upstox beta version. otherwise is tough for me to do trading in upstox. And if you do not add this feature you force me to change the broker.

  • ketan sable

    1)While placing order we like to see at what price how many bid or ask orders are live there… Now we can’t see that please do that… because placing order is one of the important part.

    2)add up multiple chart option.

    3) Dark theme.

  • Ramakrishna reddy

    Dear Sir ,How to Place the MTF order while buying the share. in Pro 2.0 , we had option to choose if we want to place MTF order or not.

  • Pavan

    will mobile and laptop charts sync together like trading view or If I clear my computer cache all charts are gone

  • Äjâý Jådhàv Ãj

    Please Add Dark Theme

  • Vimanyu Purty

    Please add a multiple chart in a single window option.

  • Shivang Chauhan

    This upgrade is rather a downgrade.
    1. no dark theme
    2. lack of ability to customize trading screen (multiple charts and adding different widgets
    3. candles and hlc bars are very very thin, should give option to rather have slightly thicker orr thinner bars as per preference.

  • Srikanth Padala

    Please! Please Please! retain older version theme we love it.
    not cofortable with 3.0
    Just addon any facility & technology.
    Pl dont risk traders with under developing version

    1. no soothing dark mode in this ver
    2. no multiple charting and adjustable windows
    multiple session and multiple chart option missing
    3. no workspace in this ver
    4. no resizing windows and columns useful in big screens
    5. charting is not smooth cascading or overlapping are productive
    6. switching tabs disturbing
    7. please add sound alerts
    8. please add blog
    9. come out with predefined workspace
    10. instead of opening new tabs go for workspace
    11. takes more time to fetching data
    12. stop loss indicators

  • Srikanth Padala

    Please! Please Please! retain older version theme we love it.
    not cofortable with 3.0
    Just addon any facility & technology.
    Pl dont risk traders with under developing version

    1. no smooth dark mode in this ver
    2. no multiple charting and adjustable windows
    multiple session and multiple chart option missing
    3. no workspaces in this ver
    4. no resizing windows and columns
    5. charting is not not smooth
    6. swithing tabs disturbing
    7. please add sound alerts
    8. please add blog
    9. come out with predefined workspaces
    10. instead of opening new tabs go for workspaces
    11. takes more time to fetching data
    12. stop loss indicators
    13. unable to create our own view like this

    • Shivang Chauhan

      100% agreed. an upgrade means adding new stuff rather than removing old good stuff just for the sake of some features that everybody can not use.

    • Raju

      Old is very much good compared to this mainly option greek is the one trader opt Upstox & makes diff compared to other brokers which is a big -Ve

  • Shree Services
  • Please add Good till cancelled order type (GTC/GTD/VTD). I cannot place stop loss orders for delivery trades.

  • subodh kumar Sharma

    previous pro 2.0 is good platform only deficiency was charting tool. you should must keep pro 2.0 and enhance the charting tool like only. otherwise environment was good . specially multi workspace. it was easy to access. all layout should be same only u should incorporate charting tools what provide because it is very smooth works & have lost of tools

  • Rahul Nair

    Oh god, now this version has become really very hard to trade, please keep previous version and just add trading view charts on previous version.
    also add order placement from charts as it was there in V2.0.
    Seriously this is a downgraded verison.

    • Tushar Ranjan Sahoo

      Thanks for the feedback. We will work on the same.

      And yes, we have the previous version available at

  • Aswin K

    It is a very good gesture that you guys updating the platform. But unfortunately
    it is not better than 2.0.

    1) Multiple chart view option in a single-window is missing
    2) Drawing of pattern or text is not being saved automatically.
    3) The dark theme is missing.
    4) Multiple work spaces are missing.
    5) MTM/P&L should be on the top.

  • jayadevan P

    Hi the new version is very inconvenient to use can you guys kindly retain the older/current version untill the pro 3 version is improved ?

  • Arnav

    Please retain the older version with some modifications. We want multiple charts option .
    When we apply pivot studies to chart , the chart and the candle size shrink .

  • Abhi Lash

    dark theme
    change in market shown in percentage only not in point
    not able to scroll with arrow keys

  • Abhi Lash

    52 week lows highs are not in numbers

  • Abhi Lash

    make available the older version till all necessary recommendations are not fullfilled

  • Niranjan Wagh

    Need dark theme. update it immediately please.

  • Mike

    Trading from charts is no available in new version
    Older version was better
    Pls keep older version available for us so that we can make choice of what we want. Quest for improvement is good but both version (old and new) should go simultaneously till u get all the features of the old one to new one.
    I feel it is half baked eggs which you will require some time to go thru. Till that time keep both version available.

  • Anuj Borthakur

    This is not an user friendly platform,trading from charts option not available.Multiple charts options also not available. Needs improvement

  • Pratik Tatkare

    Please add calculated margin while placing order..

  • Rupalben Mandaliya is not open My pc

  • robin

    Where can I see the total current valuation of all the holdings ? In previous version, it was coming at the end. But in the new version I cannot see it.