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Market Information, Suspended Instruments, and more

Effective 6 Feb 2024

We're pleased to announce a range of improvements to the Upstox API, reflecting our dedication to enhancing user experience.

What's New?

  1. Market Information APIs: We are introducing market information APIs that allow you to fetch details about holidays, timings, and market statuses. You can access these APIs by visiting Market Information API.

  2. Instruments List in JSON Format: In addition to the CSV format that we have been offering, you can now download the list of instruments in JSON format. This provides you with more flexibility in how you access instrument data.

  3. Suspended Instruments: The JSON mode for instruments now includes a list of suspended instruments. This additional information can be valuable for your use cases.

  4. Utilize Order APIs with Extended Token: Leverage the extended token for operations like Get Order Details, Get Order History, and Get Order Book. For more details, visit: Extended Token

  5. SDK Sample Code: All our APIs now come with sample code for Python SDK and Node.js SDK. These code examples will assist SDK users in seamlessly integrating our APIs into their applications.

Extended Tokens, WebSocket Order Updates, and SDK Field Revisions

Effective 22 Dec 2023

We are excited to announce several enhancements to the Upstox API, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

What's New?

  1. Extended Token Introduced: We have introduced an extended token, a long-lived, read-only access token designed for multi-client applications and applicable across various API endpoints. For more details, visit: Extended Token.

  2. Order Updates via WebSocket: Order updates are now provided over WebSocket from all sources. Previously, WebSocket updates were only available for orders placed via the Upstox API. We have expanded this feature to include updates for orders placed through other channels on Upstox.

  3. SDK Updates for Deprecated Fields: All Upstox supported SDKs have been updated. These updates include alternate properties for deprecated fields, enabling users who utilize our SDKs to transition smoothly to recommended fields. This change is critical to avoid failures post-deprecation.

  4. 'instrument_key' in Market Quotes APIs: In our continuous effort to improve clarity, all market quotes APIs now use 'instrument_key' as the query parameter, replacing the former 'symbol' parameter. This change is part of our initiative to represent fields with more meaningful names. For more details, visit: Full Market Quotes, OHLC Quotes, LTP Quotes.

Upstox API Service URL and Header Parameters - Changes

Effective 2 Dec 2023

We are pleased to announce a significant update to the Upstox API Service. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance usability and service efficiency.

What's Changing?

  1. New Base URL: The base URL for accessing the Upstox API has been updated to This change is designed to streamline our API structure for more intuitive access.

  2. Simplified Header Requirements: Alongside the new URL, we have updated our header requirements. The 'Api Version' header, previously mandatory and set to 2.0, will no longer be required for API calls to the new URL. This modification reduces the complexity of constructing API requests.

Transition Period

  • Dual Endpoint Availability: To ensure a seamless transition, both the old URL ( and the new URL ( will be operational for a transitional period. This approach ensures that your existing integrations continue to work without immediate disruption.

  • Recommended Action: While your existing setups using the old URL will continue to function during this phase, we encourage you to migrate to the new URL and updated header configuration as soon as convenient for you.

Migration Steps:

  1. Update the Base URL: Change the base URL in your API integrations from to

  2. Remove the 'Api Version' Header: Adjust your API requests to eliminate the 'Api Version' header.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition and thank you for your continued partnership. Our team is committed to continually enhancing our services to better meet your needs.