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Uplink Business

UpLink Business is the middleware that helps all multi-clients to place orders through Upstox’s platform complying with the latest SEBI norms.

New to UpLink Business?
  • To use UpLink Business, you would need a multi-client API which is created on-demand for our business partners.
  • To request for a multi-client API, you can either fill the form on UpLink Business webpage or create a thread on Upstox Community.
  • When dealing with a multi-client application, the process of placing, canceling, or modifying orders necessitates the use of the Uplink Business approach. This method involves utilizing an HTML form containing order details, which is then submitted to the Uplink UI. The subsequent order processing tasks are efficiently managed by the Uplink UI.
  • It's important to note that employing the order API for order placement is not permissible with a multi-client app. Attempting to do so will trigger an error message stating, ""Access to this API has been restricted for your account. Please use 'Uplink Business' to place/modify/cancel the order."