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Modify Order

API to modify an open or pending order.To perform a modification, the orderId is a required field. Along with the orderId, you should include any optional parameters that require modification. If no optional parameters are included in the modification request, the default values will be assumed from the original order.

Header Parameters

AuthorizationtruestringRequires the format Bearer access_token where access_token is obtained from the Token API.
Content-TypetruestringIndicates the media type of the resource, set as application/json.
AccepttruestringDefines the content format the client expects, which should be set to application/json.

Request Body

"quantity": 1,
"validity": "DAY",
"price": 120.01,
"order_id": "1644490272000",
"order_type": "MARKET",
"disclosed_quantity": 0,
"trigger_price": 0
quantityfalseinteger (int32)Quantity with which the order was placed
validitytruestringOrder validity (DAY- Day and IOC- Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order).
Possible values: DAY, IOC.
pricetruenumber (float)Price at which the order was placed
order_idtruestringThe order ID for which the order must be modified. For the regex pattern applicable to this field, see the Field Pattern Appendix.
order_typetruestringType of order. It can be one of the following
MARKET refers to market order
LIMILT refers to Limit Order
SL refers to Stop Loss Limit
SL-M refers to Stop Loss Market.
Possible values: MARKET, LIMIT, SL, SL-M.
disclosed_quantityfalseinteger (int32)Indicates the volume to be displayed in the market depth. If provided, this value must be non-zero.
trigger_pricetruenumber (float)If the order is a stop loss order then the trigger price to be set is mentioned here

Response Body

"status": "success",
"data": {
"order_id": "1644490272000"
statusstringA string indicating the outcome of the request. Typically success for successful operations.
dataobjectResponse data for modify order request
data.order_idstringOrder ID


A comprehensive set of examples is provided to illustrate various use cases and implementation scenarios for this API. To view detailed examples and access sample code, please refer to: API Examples.