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Get Order Trades

API to retrieve the list of all trades executed for a specific order.To access the trade information, you need to pass order_id.

Header Parameters

AuthorizationtruestringRequires the format Bearer access_token where access_token is obtained from the Token API.
AccepttruestringDefines the content format the client expects, which should be set to application/json.

Query Parameters

order_idtruestringThe order ID for which the order to get order trades. For the regex pattern applicable to this field, see the Field Pattern Appendix.

Response Body

"status": "success",
"data": [
"exchange": "NSE",
"product": "D",
"trading_symbol": "GMRINFRA-EQ",
"tradingsymbol": "GMRINFRA-EQ",
"instrument_token": "151064324",
"order_type": "MARKET",
"transaction_type": "BUY",
"quantity": 1,
"exchange_order_id": "221013001021540",
"order_id": "221013001021539",
"exchange_timestamp": "03-Aug-2017 15:03:42",
"average_price": 299.4,
"trade_id": "50091502",
"order_ref_id": "udapi-aqwsed14356",
"order_timestamp": "23-Apr-2021 14:22:06"
statusstringA string indicating the outcome of the request. Typically success for successful operations.
dataobject[]Response data for trades
data[].exchangestringExchange to which the order is associated. Valid exchanges can be found in the Exchange Appendix
data[].productstringSignifies if the order was either Intraday, Delivery or CO.
Possible values: I, D, CO, MTF.
data[].trading_symbolstringShows the trading symbol which could be a combination of symbol name, instrument, expiry date etc
data[].instrument_tokenstringKey of the instrument. For the regex pattern applicable to this field, see the Field Pattern Appendix.
data[].order_typestringType of order. It can be one of the following MARKET refers to market order LIMIT refers to Limit Order SL refers to Stop Loss Limit SL-M refers to Stop Loss Market.
Possible values: MARKET, LIMIT, SL, SL-M.
data[].transaction_typestringIndicates whether its a buy or sell order.
Possible values: BUY, SELL.
data[].quantityint32The total quantity traded from this particular order
data[].exchange_order_idstringUnique order ID assigned by the exchange for the order placed
data[].order_idstringUnique order ID assigned internally for the order placed
data[].exchange_timestampstringUser readable time at when the trade occurred
data[].average_pricefloatPrice at which the traded quantity is traded
data[].trade_idstringTrade ID generated from exchange towards traded transaction
data[].order_ref_idstringUniquely identifies an order for internal usage.
data[].order_timestampstringUser readable timestamp at which the order was placed
Notice of Deprecation

The lowercase field (tradingsymbol) is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. Use the snake_case versions for consistency.


A comprehensive set of examples is provided to illustrate various use cases and implementation scenarios for this API. To view detailed examples and access sample code, please refer to: API Examples.