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Get Order Details

API to retrieve the latest status of a specific order. Orders placed by the user remain available for one trading day and are automatically removed at the end of the trading session.

Header Parameters

AuthorizationtruestringRequires the format Bearer access_token where access_token is obtained from the Token API.
AccepttruestringDefines the content format the client expects, which should be set to application/json.

Query Parameters

order_idfalsestringThe order reference ID for which the order status is required. For the regex pattern applicable to this field, see the Field Pattern Appendix.

Response Body

"status": "success",
"data": {
"exchange": "NSE",
"product": "D",
"price": 571.0,
"quantity": 1,
"status": "complete",
"tag": null,
"instrument_token": "NSE_EQ|INE062A01020",
"placed_by": "******",
"trading_symbol": "SBIN-EQ",
"tradingsymbol": "SBIN-EQ",
"order_type": "LIMIT",
"validity": "DAY",
"trigger_price": 0.0,
"disclosed_quantity": 0,
"transaction_type": "BUY",
"average_price": 570.95,
"filled_quantity": 1,
"pending_quantity": 0,
"status_message": null,
"status_message_raw": null,
"exchange_order_id": "1300000025660919",
"parent_order_id": null,
"order_id": "231019025562880",
"variety": "SIMPLE",
"order_timestamp": "2023-10-19 13:25:13",
"exchange_timestamp": "2023-10-19 13:25:13",
"is_amo": false,
"order_request_id": "1",
"order_ref_id": "GTT-C23191000044253"
statusstringA string indicating the outcome of the request. Typically success for successful operations.
dataobjectResponse data for order Book
data.exchangestringExchange to which the order is associated. Valid exchanges can be found in the Exchange Appendix
data.productstringSignifies if the order was either Intraday, Delivery or CO.
Possible values: I, D, CO, MTF.
data.pricefloatPrice at which the order was placed
data.quantityint32Quantity with which the order was placed
data.statusstringIndicates the current status of the order. Valid order statuses can be found in the Order Status Appendix
data.tagstringTag to uniquely identify an order
data.instrument_tokenstringKey of the instrument. For the regex pattern applicable to this field, see the Field Pattern Appendix.
data.placed_bystringUniquely identifies the user (commonly referred as UCC)
data.trading_symbolstringShows the trading symbol of the instrument
data.order_typestringType of order. It can be one of the following MARKET refers to market order LIMIT refers to Limit Order SL refers to Stop Loss Limit SL-M refers to Stop Loss Market.
Possible values: MARKET, LIMIT, SL, SL-M.
data.validitystringIt can be one of the following - DAY(default), IOC.
Possible values: DAY, IOC.
data.trigger_pricefloatIf the order was a stop loss order then the trigger price set is mentioned here
data.disclosed_quantityint32The quantity that should be disclosed in the market depth
data.transaction_typestringIndicates whether its a buy or sell order.
Possible values: BUY, SELL.
data.average_pricefloatAverage price at which the qty got traded
data.filled_quantityint32The total quantity traded from this particular order
data.pending_quantityint32Pending quantity to be filled
data.status_messagestringIndicates the reason when any order is rejected, not modified or cancelled
data.status_message_rawstringDescription of the order's status as received from RMS
data.exchange_order_idstringUnique order ID assigned by the exchange for the order placed
data.parent_order_idstringIn case the order is part of the second of a CO, the parent order ID is indicated here
data.order_idstringUnique order ID assigned internally for the order placed
data.varietystringOrder complexity
data.order_timestampstringUser readable timestamp at which the order was placed
data.exchange_timestampstringUser readable time at which the order was placed or updated
data.is_amobooleanSignifies if the order is an After Market Order
data.order_request_idstringApart from 1st order it shows the count of how many requests were sent
data.order_ref_idstringUniquely identifies an order for internal usage.
Notice of Deprecation

The lowercase field (tradingsymbol) is deprecated and will be removed in future versions. Use the snake_case versions for consistency.


A comprehensive set of examples is provided to illustrate various use cases and implementation scenarios for this API. To view detailed examples and access sample code, please refer to: API Examples.