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We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

Do I need a demat account?

To invest or trade in the equity markets, you must have a demat account. Upstox offers both trading and demat accounts together for your convenience.

What's a demat account?

A demat account is different from a trading account. The demat account holds the physical stock assets that you own. This account is commonly linked to your trading account. When you buy shares of a stock in the market, they are transferred from your trading account to your demat account at the end of the day.



per stock


per stock per day

Maintenance Charge

per year


Low transaction charges

We have the lowest transaction charges in the country.

Margin against shares

Want more leverage during the trading day? Use your stocks as collateral to increase your trading margin

Automatic transfer

We take care of retrieving your shares from the exchange and selling it to the exchange automatically so you don't have to file any paperwork

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