In-Person Verification (IPV) - KYC, Process, Meaning, & What It Is


In-Person Verification (IPV) is a required step before you open a demat account with Upstox. As per SEBI regulations, we need to verify that the account holder is an actual person and the documents/proofs sent by her/him match their true identity. Upstox has embraced internet technology and performs IPV using webcam and internet video.

When It happens

IPV will be done over GTalk, Yahoo Messenger or Skype--whatever suits your preference. Once we have received your trading documents by courier, and have verified that they are correct, someone from the Upstox team will schedule a time with you for an IPV. Please ensure that you have a working webcam (and microphone, if possible) prior to scheduling an IPV. Please do ensure that you have your PAN card and address proof ready in hand prior to the IPV. We will call you over the phone at the scheduled time and ask a few questions about your application in order to verify your identity then move forward in the process.

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