How to do the e-DIS authentication process on Upstox?

What is the e-DIS authentication process?

As per SEBI’s mandate and CDSL’s latest mandate, from 22nd February 2021 2-factor authentication will be enabled on e-DIS transactions.

With the new mandate, when placing a sell transaction for stocks in their Demat account, users have to -

1. First, enter the TPIN on the CDSL web page.

2. After successfully entering the TPIN you will get the option to enter the OTP sent by CDSL on your registered mobile number and email ID. Here you’ll be able to see the list of holdings when you scroll.

3. Once you’ve entered the correct OTP you will get redirected to Upstox on completing the transaction.

In case you haven’t received your CDSL TPIN yet, you can also create one yourself. To generate your CDSL TPIN, please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Upstox Pro Mobile or Desktop app under Profile/ My Account go to the Account section 
  2. Click on Power Of Attorney 
  3. Select the get new PIN’ button
  4. You will receive the TPIN from CDSL via SMS and email. This TPIN won’t expire until you generate a new one.

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