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Login to Upstox Pro using the following link: https://pro.upstox.com. Since security of our clients' information is of utmost importance to us, Upstox Pro online trading platform uses a two-factor authentication process. You need to thus provide your username, password and year of birth to login. Your username and the initial password will be sent to you in a separate email when you open an Upstox account. Your Upstox Pro username is a six-digit number.


You can change your initial password after the first time that you login.

The password can be anywhere between 6 to 12 characters. It needs to be an alphanumeric password with one special character. Three consecutive wrong attempts block your Upstox Trading account. To unblock your account just click Forgot Password. There's a Forgot Password link under the login window on Upstox Pro. It can be used to reset passwords if forgotten. You need to enter your UCC ID, email address and PAN card number. The new password will be emailed to your registered email address.