Exposure on cash segment

Upstox provides an exposure limit to a trader or investor who uses Upstox’ broking services. The exposure limit would be a multiple of the amount that is held by the trader in their Ledger. The value of the “multiple” is decided by the Risk Management team at Upstox. This decision is based on the prevailing market conditions.

Types of orders:

  • MIS/CO/BO (Margin Intraday/ Cover Order/Bracket Order)

In case you wish to use margin on your orders you can use the MIS/CO/Bo product code when placing your order. Once your trade has been filled, a portion of the full applicable margin will be blocked based on the margin requirements for that particular stock. Upstox RMS team will square-off all open positions under the MIS/CO/BO code anytime during the last 30 minutes of normal market closure timing.

  • CNC (Cash and Carry)

If you wish to hold onto a stock overnight or don’t want Upstox team to square-off your position, you must place an order using the CNC product code. The full amount of margin is applicable at the time of the order and Upstox will not square-off the position.