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We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

Our desktop trading platform is built for elite traders. With many trading tools and scanners, NEST is built on a robust platform to serve your advanced trading needs.

Customizable interface
Every component can be fully customized as per each user’s requirement. Edit layouts, fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts. Customize to your specific needs so that you can trade smarter and faster.
Low latency and enterprise level stability
Designed with speed and low latency in mind, NEST streams data with the fastest possible refresh rates. NEST remains stable even at high loads.
Multi Monitor support
Stream data to multiple components on multiple monitors.
Advanced Charting
Spot trends and perform technical analysis with a wide assortment of indicators.
Advanced Order Types
Place Cover Order and Bracket Orders with ease on NEST.
Mouse and keyboard friendly
Fully customizable hotkeys and shortcuts to allow you to trade with high speed and precision.

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