Company Profile

Sarla Performance Fibers Limited is engaged in the manufacturing and export of polyester and nylon textured, twisted and dyed yarns, covered yarns, high tenacity yarns, and sewing thread. Its yarns and threads form a deep, intrinsic, and invisible part of our everyday lives. Find them in the knee-length socks worn by football players, or in the dress socks worn by a teenage girl; a well-worn t-shirt of an executive, or in the fine hand sewing of leather shoes worn by an entrepreneur. Sewn onto a luxury mattress or found in the stitching of car upholstery. Their narrow fabrics sit well in the elastic tape of boxers or the intricate embroidery of the dress. Beginning as a manufacturer of commodity yarns, the company has successfully shifted its focus and established itself as a manufacturer of specialized and higher value-added yarns.

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