Company Profile

Saksoft Limited is a leading digital transformation solution partner for clients across the globe. The ensuing pandemic has accelerated maturing of the digital revolution, making it imperative for companies to invest in automation, technology-led cost moderation, and digitalization-induced improvement in organizational productivity. They bring into play a business model that has transformed in line with customer needs. Their ‘Inch Wide Mile Deep’ positioning has helped create mission-critical, vertical-relevant solutions. Their solutions are predominantly focused on fintech, logistics & transportation, retail/E-commerce, health care, and telecom account for over 70% of their revenues. Their competence and track record has made them the trusted partner to public sector companies in Singapore and United Kingdom. With its spread of technology solutions ranging from intelligent automation, legacy modernization, and managed infrastructure support, advanced analytics, and quality assurance, it is well placed to address and resolve almost every technology challenge that a client faces.

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