Company Profile

Orient Refractories offers a wide range of refractory and monolithic products for the iron and steel industry. They enjoy a large domestic and international clientele. An in-house R&D facility supports the division’s product development initiatives. This makes the company the preferred choice for quality products. The company provides a wide range of special refractories and monolithics to meet the needs of the iron and steel industry. The product range includes Isostatically Pressed Continuous Casting Refractories, Slide Gate Plates Nozzles and Well Blocks, Tundish Nozzles, Bottom Purging Refractories and Top Purging Lances, Slag Arresting Darts, Basic Spray Mass for Tundish, Working Lining and Castables. All these products are custom made to suit the casting conditions and grade of steel being cast and are a result of an intensive research and development by the company.

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