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Novartis India Limited is a pharmaceutical company. The business operations of the company include Pharmaceuticals, Generic, Over the Counter (OTC) and Animal Health. The Pharmaceuticals segment consists of a portfolio of prescription medicines that are provided to patients through healthcare professionals. The Generics segment consists of retail generic products. Its unit primarily focuses on the therapeutic segments such as Anti-TB, Anti-DUB (Gynaecology), Anti-histamines, Antibiotics, Anti-ulcerants, Anti-diabetes and Cardiovascular. The Animal Health segment has a presence primarily in the cattle and poultry market segments. The OTC segment is mainly in the vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements (VMS) and cough cold and allergy (CoCoA) market segments. During the fiscal year 2011-12, it introduced Enplus in the poultry segment and Dexbov, Antifur, Vayuhara, Vetimam and Feedavit in the cattle segment.

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