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Company overview

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Market Cap Switch₹6,105 Crs





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₹1,763.00 - ₹1,175.40

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₹1,400.00 - ₹1,495.00

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₹1,929 Crs

Meghmani Finechem

Meghmani Finechem Ltd. was incorporated as a subsidiary of Meghmani Organics Ltd (MOL) in September 2007. It was established to primarily deal with caustic soda and derivatives of chlorine. Currently, it’s a leading player in the specialty chemicals industry. The company is headquartered in Dahej, Gujarat.

In FY22, the company was listed as an independent publicly traded entity on August 18, 2021, after being spun off from Meghmani Organics Ltd. In the same year, it also announced expansion in Chlorotoluene and its value chain and set up an R&D centre as well.

In September 2003, Meghmani Finechem Ltd. rebranded itself as Epigral Limited. The name was inspired by the phrase "Epitome of performance and integral partnership". The Market capitalisation of Epigral Limited stood at over ₹4,100 crore as of February 14, 2024. Epigral Limited share price has dipped 3% in the last one year.

Meghmani Finechem Ltd business operations

The company began its operations with basic chemicals like Chlor Alkali and later on diversified into additional chemical products advancing ahead with the concept of integrated chemical complexes. As for the Chlor-Alkali operations, the company commenced production in this segment in 2009.

The company’s production capacity has increased to a production capacity of 4,21,000 TPA for Chlor Alkali and 1,90,000 TPA for Derivatives and Specialty Chemicals by the end of FY23. Its Chor Alkali production capacity stood at 1,67,000 TPA in 2015.

Currently, the company is offering a wide range of products including Epichlorohydrin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine, CPVC Resin, Caustic Soda, Chloromethanes, Hydrogen and Caustic Potash. The company supplies its products to more than 15 downstream industries like paints and coatings, construction, chemicals, refineries, textiles, CPVC pipes and fittings, windmills, pharmaceuticals, soap and detergents, paper and pulp, agrochemicals, alumina and lithium.

The company’s core manufacturing facility is located in Dahej. It is an automated set-up and comprises production facilities, treatment system, testing centre, water reserve and a power plant. The facility is located in the Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Region (PCPIR) of Gujarat and hence gets easy access to customers and raw materials.

Over the years, the company has seen an increasing proportion of its revenue being derived from derivatives and speciality chemicals segments. In FY20, 14% of its revenues were being derived from the derivatives and speciality segments, which increased to 30% of total revenues in FY23. The company believes that this transformation from a major manufacturer of Chlor Alkali towards derivatives and speciality chemicals will strengthen the sustainability of business and will enhance value for all stakeholders.

Financial highlights

  • The company’s consolidated revenue from operations in FY23 stood at ₹2188.39 crore, up 41.2% compared to ₹1,551 crore in FY22.
  • The company reported a net profit of ₹353.29 crore in FY23 as against a net profit of ₹252.78 crore in FY22.
  • Its EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) stood at ₹689 crore in FY23 compared to ₹509 crore in FY22.
  • Its EBITDA margin stood at 31% in FY23 compared to 33% in FY22.
  • The company’s earnings per share (EPS) stood at ₹85.03 in FY23 as against ₹60.84 in FY22.

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