Company Profile

Mangalam Timber Products Limited is an India-based company. The company is engaged in the business of medium density fibre board. During the fiscal year 2011-12, the company production was 32097 million ton. The company’s products include plain interior grade medium density fibre boards (MDF), plain exterior grade MDF, pre-laminated interior grade MDF, pre-laminated exterior grade MDF and high density fibre (HDF). Interior grade is branded as 'Duratuff'i in Super Regular and Gold Premium vareities. Exterior grade is branded as 'Duratuff - X'. Pre-laminated interior grade 'Duratuff-MDF' is branded as 'LAMINA'. Pre-laminated exterior grade 'Duratuff-MDF' is branded as 'LAMINEX'. Duratuff-MDF is made at Mangalam timbers products. It has various uses in homes, offices, showrooms and factories, even in sculptors’ studios. It is used in making furniture and fixtures, interior designing, appliance cabinets, partitions, photo-lamination and carved handicrafts.

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