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Banco Products (India) Limited, was established in 1961 and has now become a leader in the business of engine cooling and sealing systems for both automotive and industrial applications. It combines the power of innovation and commitment to quality, to create high-performance solutions for its customers. The product range for engine cooling systems include Radiators, Charge Air Coolers, Oil Coolers - Transmission & Hydraulic Fuel Coolers, Battery Coolers, Inverter Coolers in Aluminium and Copper/Brass configurations and accessories, Expansion Tanks, Fan Motor Assembly, Fan Shroud and Guard and miscellaneous mounting and plumbing accessories. Their product range for engine sealing systems includes Engine Cylinder Head and Peripheral Gaskets and Heat Shields and Industrial Gasket with a wide material range and sizes for demanding applications of sealing. Materials include - Multi-layered steel (MLS), Graphite Composite Gaskets, Steel Fiber Composite Gaskets, Compressed Fiber Joining Sheet Gaskets, Rubber Cork Gaskets, Rubber Pre-Coated Beaded Gaskets, Edge Molded Gaskets, and Copper Gaskets.

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