Company Profile

Archidply Industries Limited is one of the leading plywood companies in India. Walking hand-in-hand with the advanced times, the company has been procuring high-quality raw materials and employing world-class technology and resources to bring the much-needed revolution in the plywood manufacturing process. With a wide manufacturing unit in Uttarakhand, contract manufacturing in Assam and Kerala, the company manufactures top-quality plywood. With two major product categories – Plywood and Laminates – being produced in the same facility, the company provides its customers with ample choices to help them attain the desired look. Comprising of laminates exterior grade clads and compacts, Archidlam - Archidply’s Laminate segment has been transforming every living space. With its excellent product portfolio of plywood sheets, doors, and densified film-faced plywood, it caters to a wide range of customers. Giving India its first-ever toxin check technology plywood, it enjoys a wide customer base both in India and abroad.

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