Company Profile

Ambika Cotton Mills Limited (ACML) was incorporated in 1988 and is based out of Coimbatore in Southern India. It manufactures premium quality compact and elitwist cotton yarn for hosiery and weaving. The company is an established player in the global and domestic yarn market with exports constituting roughly sixty percent of revenues. The company has 4 manufacturing units situated in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu with a total spindle capacity of 1,08,288 of Compacting System. It manufactures 100% cotton compact yarn counts varying from 20s to 120s combed which goes for the manufacture of premium branded shirts and t-shirts globally. Its products are made from various imported and Indian cotton. The company’s yarn has been widely accepted and appreciated in the industry by prominent top shirt manufacturers and knitted garment manufacturers domestically and worldwide. It is well-reputed for its contamination-free, 100% cotton, ring-spun, and compact yarn manufactured exclusively for shirting. The company is known for being number one in the shirting segment and is the preferred client of all top-quality shirt manufacturers around the world.

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