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ADF Foods Limited is well known in the prepared food segment with products portfolio spanning across ready-to-eat food, ready-to-cook food, frozen food, frozen vegetables and meal accompaniments like pickles, sauces and pastes. The company houses an array of traditional ethnic Indian, spicy Mexican and exotic Mediterranean foods. Its frozen foods, salted, sweet and savory pickles or the wide variety of pizza and pasta sauces are relished in all diverse parts of the world. The company’s extensive food family spans from Ashoka, Soul PJ’s, Nates, Camel, Aeroplane to Truly Indian and has been catering to the native and the international palate from the very beginning. It’s not just Asia and the Middle East, but also the islands of Great Britain, the coast of Australia, from the land of the Kiwis, to the United States of America, that it connects to on a gastronomic level.

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