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Your trading experience should be fast, efficient & productive. Upstox has partnered with iDarts to offer you the Dartstock software to help you in your daily trading routine. Seize market opportunities at the right time with sophisticated charting tools and analyse scrips that suit your trading style.


Identify Opportunities

  • Scans market activity and trends with a live scanner tool
  • Provides technical reports & event-driven screening of the market pulse.

Enhance Productivity

  • Visualisation tools such as advanced charts, dashboard and graphs to pick trades faster
  • +60 technical indicators and +10 market studies to help your trades!

Analyse each Stock

  • Price alerts, personalized workspace & dedicated watchlists.
  • Analyse markets directly from advanced scanners that account for various calculations


Time & Sales Filter

Scans markets for trades with filters depending on Quantity, Traded Value, Index, Sector or personalised watchlist group.

Live Scanner

Scans markets for scrips in Equity & Futures segments. Highs & Lows fothe day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 1 year.

Trend Scanner

Spots trends when market is in Bullish Zone or a Bear Zone. Tracks changes in Open Interest.

Opportunity Finder

Scans market to find scrips that fit the criteria of three that include PE Ratio, Market Cap, Traded Volume, Turnover, 1 year return etc.

OI Change Graph

Scans markets for trades with filters depending on Quantity, Traded Value, Index, Sector or personalised watchlist group.

Future Spreads

% Spreads between Near & Spot, Near & Next, Next & Spot. Shows volumes for all equity scrips in the watchlist.

Roll Over

Shows % roll over for all equity scrips in the watchlist.


Resistance & Support Watch

Scrips breaching Resistance or Support levels will get included in this special watchlist, automatically.

Unusual Volume Tracker

Special watchlist for those scrips with exceptionally high traded volume.

Intraday Recovery & Fall

Scrips that have recovered most from a low and those that have fallen most from an intraday high are shown in this list.


Intraday history & daily
historical data

Updated Fututres

Intraday & history
intervals’ aggregate info

Updated intraday candles
in historical charts

Compare charts scrip
by scrip

Charting templates,
personalised charts &

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