Upstox now offers limit prices on cover orders

We’re kicking off 2017 by being the first discount broker to give you cover orders with limit prices. Now, you can initiate cover orders with a limit price instead of just a market price. Cover orders safeguard your position by adding a stop loss to your open position. They require less margin than a naked order because the system knows you are minimizing your losses with the use of a stop loss. Your risk is limited and your profit potential still remains the same.

Placing a cover order with limit price on Upstox Pro

You can use cover order with limit prices on Upstox Pro on your mobile and web. Try it now today and become a smarter trader.

Stock comparison on charts

Many times, it’s useful to compare multiple scrips on one chart. Now, on Upstox Pro web, you can compare up to 7 different scrips in one go with the Charts widget. To start, open the Charts widget and search for the first scrip you want to add. Once you have added it, the compare button on the top-right side of the Chart widget will be enabled. Click on the Compare button and you will be able to add another scrip to the same chart.

After you have selected and added the scrip, the new scrip’s chart will be drawn as an overlay to the original scrip. Because the prices of many scrips can be far apart, the Y-axis (right axis) will change from Rupee to Percentage. This will make it easier to compare the relative performance of two or more scrips in one shot.

You can add up to six different scrips to compare with the primary scrips.

Each compare chart will have a control widget (on the left side of the chart) with two buttons. The icon that resembles an eye will show/hide the respective symbol. The icon with the ‘X’ will remove the compare chart.

More exciting features to come this year! Happy trading.

  • Pratik Thakkar

    It should also have TSL feature

  • Rajesh Bhangale

    Can we also define the target in CO in Upstox?

    • Orpheus Almeida

      Hi Rajesh,

      Unfortunately you cannot. To place a stoploss with a target you would be required to use OCO. OCO is also called as bracket order.