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Better service.

We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

It’s time for a reality check…

Reality Check

Face it: you could be doing better with your finances than you are right now.

The tips and advisory services your full service broker is providing  you is not helping you.

You wonder why you’re not earning from the markets when the Sensex is rallying.


Here’s a test: did your investments earn more than 30% over the past 12 months?

If the answer is no- then, my friend, you have got a problem on your hands.


What’s going on?


Your broker is charging you more than you need to pay. 


Make the switch. You get 5 free trades each month with RKSV. Not satisfied? Just switch back to your old broker.

Great. How does this work?

It’s ridiculously easy.

  1. Open an account with RKSV, free of cost.
  2. Send us a contract note from your old broker.

Once your account is open, you will be credited with Rs. 2000.

Did we mention that it’s ridiculously easy?


Contact us at sales@rksv.in or give us a call at 022-6130-9999. We are always here to help you in any way possible.



  • Nasirul Amin

    Right! Switch to discount brokers to save brokerage & make money. Higher brokerage magnifies losses and shrinks profit. The research reports that generally comes from full service brokers are useless mostly then why pay more brokerage?

    • Atul Jain

      I switched over but they dont mention when they will give back the
      brokerage and they dint credited with Rs. 2000 to my account, the worst
      thing is they dont reply to my emails. Its a trap.

      • Hi Atul,

        We are truly sorry to hear that- we will have a representative get in touch with you right away.

        Please do keep in mind that if you’re on the Dream Plan- you get 5 free trades each and every month. So the Rs. 2000 credit naturally only kicks in on the 6th trade onward, and we credit you on a monthly basis until a full Rs. 2000 has been refunded in total.

        We’ll ensure that our representative gets you all your questions answered.


        • Atul Jain

          Thanks Raghu. Your intervention resolved the issue.

          • You’re welcome Atul. We’re always here to help 🙂


          • Nasirul Amin

            I personally don’t like these discounts and I want my broker to have better service and remain financially sound and viable. Their service & clients should bring more clients. There’s no better advertising than a satisfied client. My broker shouldn’t do fraud. Most frauds though happen at dealer level to increase volume etc., and having no dealer in discount brokers makes it a tad better actually. So, all in all I am liking this new Discount Brokers Community in India.

    • Nasirul Amin

      Atul Jain: I am not really sure as I am not an user of #RKSV due to some issues with IL&FS DP. I am a client of CompositEdge and the amount I save on each trade is as huge as my monthly salary. I have recommended RKSV to my friends and they are really loving it. So, this 2000 is not an incentive for me to switch over but the huge saving in brokerage is. You will understand once you trade for big amount in one full service broker and discount broker.

  • Daya Gamane

    can on NEST trading software guest account opening.It will be helpful for new user to learn quickly.Or in future planed for it offer by you?

    • Hi Daya,

      For account opening queries, we can have a customer service agent give you a call, or you can call us at 022-6130-9999. You can also send your question(s) to sales@rksv.in (in case you’re not a customer) to get any and all questions answered within one working day.

      Due to documentation formalities, some paperwork is unfortunately required. But we have streamlined it to an absolute minimum so that you can begin trading within 48-72 hours.

      Do let us know if we can help you in any way, shape or form!


  • Satish Kumar T

    Going with a discount broker means having a trade-off on certain features.

    I am holding a trading account with sharekhan and opened an account with RKSV to save on brokerage. But later I realized that RKSV doesnt provide the ability to do a SIP on stocks and also provide a custom validity(> a day) for the trades.

    I use these features regularly in sharekhan as I can not track the markets daily.

    Right now I am planning to switch back to sharekhan for my trading.

    RKSV with the combination of above 2 features would be simply amazing.

    Also, the NEST web UI of RKSV is very raw and is lagging very much behind in terms of usability.

    Are there any plans for RKSV in improving the NEST Web UI and also incorporate Stock SIP and custom validity features?

  • siddharth

    I switched from icici and have done multiple trades on RKSV since 8th April but i didn’t get any credit of Rs 2000; so not sure whether this offer is given to all. Infact i have been planning to refer to couple of friends but they dropped the idea.

    • Hi Siddharth,

      You will be credited in full at the end of the month for each and EVERY friend you refer 🙂 We could never run such a massive promotion like this if we didn’t stick to our word!

      Refer your friends; you and your friends will be glad you did 🙂

      You will be credited the 2000 for making the switch as well 😉

      Best Regards,

      • siddharth

        I was referring to my own switch from ICICI Direct to RKSV. I think for that you had promo of Rs 2000 brokerage credit. I didn’t get that credit.

        • Dear Siddarth,

          We have had 1000+ customers switch over from their brokers and receive Rs. 2000 in credit. You will receive the credit at the end of the month, no questions asked. As long as you provided a contract note and placed at least one trade you WILL get the credit 🙂

          Dont worry my friend. As a promoter of RKSV I assure you thst you will receive the credit.

          If you still have doubts, contact us during market hours and our sales team will answer all your questions/concerns.


      • Poonam

        I read one of the RKSV founders comment that Discount broker has to provide very good customer support and not just low brokerage. After that I decided to open an account with RKSV and I must say the worst customer support is provided by none other than RKSV. Your pathetic customer support has costed you atleast 4 accounts including mine. I think discount brokers has a long way to go and need to concentrate on support and sales would follow. It seems you are busy only on Sales.

  • Arunachalam

    Hi, My account opened and ID is 101842. Before opening the account I sent the mail and enquired about this offer and Darshik Jariwala replied that the offer was valid for Jan month only. Didnt Understand ! Please clarify.

    • Hi Arunachalam!

      The offer was valid in January, but is also valid now. We always keep mixing up promotions on a monthly basis. We’ll give you a call tomorrow and explain what we’re offering our clients in May!

      I hope by the by the end of the call, all your queries are resolved.


  • Sukesh

    I was comparing margin requirements between Zerodha, SAS Online & RKSV.

    Turns out that RKSV has the highest margin requirements?

    I compared for Nifty margin requirements for Cover/Bracket orders:

    Zerodha – Rs: 3,637/- per lot
    SAS Online – Rs: 4,082/- per lot
    RKSV – Rs: 5,063/- per lot

    About 28% more margin requirement than Zerodha?
    Why are different brokers charging different margin for the same product?

    Am i missing something here?

  • Pratik Jain

    Please provide trading app for windows phone, as it is there for android and

  • Kuldip Nahata aka KD Jain

    Account ID 200829


    I had opened my account and started trading also, but still dont get credit of Rs.2000. Please check in the matter and resolve it.

    Thanks & regards

    Kuldip Nahata


    Really RKSV one of the best broker in my trading career ,,, I switched from Kotak.. Saved lot of money