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Options Strategy Builder

Learn how to use your options strategy builder to create advanced options strategies. The payoff graph gives a breakeven point and you can also find out total margin required all within a few clicks.

  • Abhishek Daaga

    Excellent strategy tester, with chart & shows us from when the profit starts, & when the loss starts. Also useful for more than 2 contracts, so very useful to hedge cash holdings or FNO Holdings.
    But the premium of options is not showing correctly, Example Below:
    I am trying to check TV18BRDCST Nov24-2016 option, when checking 45CE – LTP is 1.55, BID is 1.5 & OFFER is 1.55, But showing in Strategy Tester Page is 1.85 which is very much differential.

    There should be a option to manually enter the premium price, so we can even check in what price we actually exercised & our risk range & payoff.

    If there is any other tool where we can check this, Curious as everytime I use calculator and a lot of calculations to test new strategy or even calculate when the market gets volatile & I have to sit with My entry, strike, premium & CMP, IV & days to expire & do a lot of circus.

    Any suggestions & help Welcome!

    • Shrinivas Viswanath

      Hey Abhishek — thanks for the feedback!

      Yes, currently the tool doesn’t incorporate live prices. We will work on getting live prices for you on the next version.

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