How to Check Demat Account Balance

A Demat Account is a virtual account primarily used to hold securities - such as shares, debentures, bonds, mutual funds, etc. - in an electronic format. This account is crucial for every person heavily investing in the stock market as it helps convert the physical shares and bonds into their electronic equivalent, thus providing more security and better accessibility to the respective account holders.

A Demat or dematerialized account - CSDL or NSDL in India holds - typically works like a person's regular bank account. The stocks and shares are transferred in and out of such accounts as and when you buy or sell those, much like how a normal bank account functions in the case of regular buying and selling.

While a Demat account is easy to handle and can serve a great purpose, especially for a regular investor in the share market, checking the account balance might initially appear tricky for new investors. This article aims to help new similar account holders check their account balances quickly, sans any glitches.

What Is A Demat Account Balance?

As explained earlier, a Demat balance essentially provides a person an overview of all the securities and shares they have currently invested in. With each share or stock bought or sold, the account reflects instantly, much like a regular bank account. However, when it comes to maintaining a Demat account minimum balance, there isn't any such requirement because Demat Accounts don't deal with real money but with shares and securities.

How To Check Demat Account Balance?

When it comes to checking a Demat Account Balance, there are generally three ways of checking the same. Here's a lowdown on the various ways of checking the same:

Through The Depositor's Portal

Dematerialized accounts are generally opened with a depository participant using a digital platform. This digital platform, much like regular e-banking or m-banking platforms, will allow viewing the dematerialized account balance. After the zero balance Demat account opening, one can use the portal to view not only the statement but also the status of the Demat or dematerialized account.

The depository portals also aim to provide insight into the investments done by a person through exciting charts and graphs. The depositors also email Demat account statements periodically - either quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Through The Trading Account

Since Demat accounts are generally linked with a person's trading account, the latter can also be used to check Demat account balances. People can log on to their trading account with regular credentials and check their real-time account balance.

Through CSDL or NSDL Websites

In the case of a person already having one or more Demat accounts with several depository portals, there might arise the requirement of viewing the treasury of all similar accounts. In such cases, the person can view a Consolidated Account Statement or CAS.

Here's how a person can view their CAS:

After completing these formalities, an OTP will be generated in the registered mobile number, allowing the person to access, view, and even download the CAS statement.

What Is Ledger Balance In Demat Account?

Ledger balance in a Demat Account refers to the account statement computed by the depository bank at the end of each day. In such accounts, if the Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC), brokerage, and taxes are not paid on time, the Demat account might also show a negative ledger balance. Hence, paying the same on time is always an excellent option to maintain a fuss-free trading account with a proper Ledger Balance.


As seen in the article, checking the account balance in a Demat account is not arduous. There are not one but numerous ways a person can check their account regularly. Even for people not in heavy investment, the depositor bank's periodic account statement through email may be of great aid.

Having mentioned it all, it is inevitable for a person to maintain due security while logging in to any trading account. In case of any discrepancy or misappropriation of the login credentials, it is advised to let the depository participant at the earliest for quick and efficient resolution.

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