All You Need to Know About CDSL Demat Account Statement

The holding is registered with either of the two national entities if you have a Demat account or an online trading account in India. These are:

If your account is registered with CDSL, you receive a consolidated account statement (CAS) via email and mail. The CDSL CAS is a statement that consists of holdings and transactions of your Demat account, which can be equity-linked shares, mutual funds, or other financial instruments that are held with CDSL.

This CDSL Demat account statement consists of all the details of the total shares you hold, the date and time you purchased them, and their current value. These are helpful to give you an overall understanding of all your investments and also help to calculate applicable taxes on any capital gains or profits that you have generated after selling your investments.

This blog will go through the finger details about the CDSL Demat Account Statement and what makes it so crucial for investors.

Details of CDSL Demat Account Statement

A CDSL Demat account statement helps the investor understand all their investments and get the details on the transactions made in the particular period. These statements are the same as bank account statements, which provide all the relevant details about your account. Whenever any financial investment or trade is performed, the statement will be updated with this information on the next working day.

The best way to read the Demat account statement from CDSL is by downloading the consolidated account summary (CAS). A CDSL Demat account holding statement or CAS is an important document that consists of investment and transaction details related to depository accounts and mutual funds.

Demat account statements are arranged as:

Statement of Holdings

A Demat account is used for buying and selling trading assets, whose summary can be found in the statements of holding. Some important annotations that can help to read the statement of holdings are locked-in balance, current balance, free balance, and pledge balance.

Statement of Accounts

A statement of account is a detailed explanation of transactions done in the demat account, which is the same as reading a bank statement. When any security or shares are sold from a Demat, they are recorded as debit entries. When any security is bought in a demat, it is recorded as a credit entry.

What Should You Check When You Get Your CDSL CAS?

Once the CAS is received, some of the vital information that you should check are:

How to Access Demat Account Statement on CDSL

To access the combined demat account statements on CDSL, follow the below steps.

After providing all the above details correctly, your CAS will load in the new window, showing the statements of holdings and accounts.

Final Thoughts

The CDSL Demat Account Statement is like your bank's ledger or passbook. It is the official document that recognizes the investments that you have performed in a particular period. The CDSL CAS is shared to your registered email and mail monthly or quarterly in case, there has been no activity in your account for that particular month.

Although this information is readily available with your online broker and gives real-time updates on your portfolio, it is always recommended to check the CDSL CAS from time to time, ensuring that the central depository correctly captures your investments and trades.