How will I be notified when I have received delivery of shares in my account?

Taking Delivery of your Shares

If you have a demat account with Upstox, your delivery shares would be reflected in your trading software and your back office account. An SMS is sent from CDSL for all debit of shares. Therefore, all you need to do is be patient!

When I sell my stocks, when do I receive the credit? Do I receive the limits immediately?

If you are selling a carry forward position, in that case your limits will be credited immediately, which you can utilize for your trading purpose. If you are not selling a carry forward position, but merely selling intraday, the same concept applies. Your margin will get updated right away and you can utilize the margin towards your next purchase.

In short, whether or not you are holding on to delivery shares or not, your margin will be updated immediately. On a purchase, you must be a bit patient. Delivery of shares can take a couple days to reflect in the system due to CDSL.

Keep in mind that they will be sending you an SMS on your registered mobile number. Therefore, it's a good idea to ensure that your registered number matches the number you use.

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