What is unique about Upstox’s pricing plans?

When it comes to brokerage firms, one aspect is usually common among all: they all charge you a small fee as brokerage commission!

That is where Upstox stands apart. Our pricing plans offer Free Equity delivery trading and charge a flat Rs. 20 or 0.01% per order traded whichever is lower on all orders!

Other brokerage firms charge a commission. This is usually a percentage of the turnover of your clients’ trade. For example, if a client purchases futures worth Rs 5 lakh, a 2-paisa (0.02%) brokerage fee would mean the client has to pay the broker Rs 100 for that single trade alone.

You might be wondering, how can a brokerage firm charge almost no brokerage fees?

At Upstox, our belief is that the customer should never have to worry about the size of an individual trade. That is why we don’t charge brokerage as a percentage of the turnover on our trades, which makes Upstox a very unique brokerage firm.

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