Nest Initialization Failed for Interactive Engine OS Error

This article will guide you how to solve nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error.


This is what the Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error looks like.


  • Correct your System Date and Time.
  • Check if your system is connected to the Internet properly.
  • Ensure that the required ports are not blocked.To check whether the required ports are open, open command prompt and type “telnet 56001” as shown here.
  • The command prompt to show only a cursor blinking, as shown below.
  • If it only shows a cursor blinking, then you need to open the below mentioned ports. Ports to be unblocked:

For Bharti INI file =  56001,64105,65001, 35008 to 35030

For TATA INI file = 56000,64104,65000, 35001 to 35027

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