Market watch color not visible Error

Prices of assets change every second on the stock market. It can get pretty confusing to track these changes simply by looking the jumble of numbers of the screen. Colouring, here, comes to the rescue.

This feature is applicable in the NEST trader’s Market Watch segment. You can set a specific colour when there is a rise or a fall.

To activate this:

  • Right click in the Market Watch dialogue box and click on ‘Customize’. Alternatively, you can also press the control and shift buttons along with the letter ‘C’.

When a dialogue box opens, go to the ‘Market Watch’ option in the list of categories on the left. In this section, go to the ‘Others’ area.In this box, click to untick the ‘Display Market Trend as Text Color’option.

  • This should do the trick.
  • However, if this doesn’t work, you have two options. First, open the ‘Run’ application on the Start menu (non-Windows 8 users) or press the windows button on the keyboard along with the letter ‘R’. Type ‘app data’ in the section provided and press enter.
  • A dialogue box will open with multiple folder options. Select the folder called ‘Local’. Then go to the ‘Virtual Store’ folder and then ‘Program Files’. In this folder, you will see a list of options, including ‘Omnesys’. Delete the folder. Once done, restart your computer.
  • If not, you can try the other option. Again, open the ‘Run’ application and type ‘Regedit’ in the section provided. A dialogue box will open called ‘Registry Editor’. Select the ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’ option. Click on the ‘Software’ folder option (the arrow beside the name) to open the drop down menu. In it, you will get the ‘Omnesys’ option. Delete it and restart your system.


  • If this doesn’t work too, you may have to update your computer to the latest Windows. Check for updates in the control panel. Once updated, restart your system.
  • Check scrip sub. Limit (If partial rates reflecting)
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