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How do I log on to the Back Office system and check my positions?

Overview of the Back Office System of Upstox

The Back Office System allows you to view your trading activity since you joined Upstox. It is recommended that you use Keystone, but some prefer to use bo.rksv.in. At the end of each day, your daily trading activity is uploaded from NEST to your account for your reference. Your Back Office System is therefore accessible daily. Using this data you can understand your historical trading activities, file tax returns and other accounting purposes. Using the Back Office System is quite simple to use.

Here, we will show you how to login. It is important that you have an Upstox account in order to be able to use the Back Office system. If you don’t have an account, visit our Account Opening section to learn how to open an account today!

How to Login

  1. Go to bo.rksv.in
  2. Enter your 6 digit user name (eg. 370001) and password. This was given to you when you opened an account with Upstox. You will then see something like this.Enter your 6 digit UCC (Unique Client Code) and your password. In case you forgot your password, get in touch with our Accounts department or send an email to support@rksv.in
  3. Login1.jpg
  4. Click Login

Help! I forgot my password

If you forgot your password you can simply recover your password from keystone. Just visit https://keystone.rksv.in/ and follow the forgot password link. Alternately, you can write to us on support@upstox.com.

How do I check my outstanding positions?
Check your outstanding positions on Back Office in a few simple steps.

  1. Login to bo.rksv.in
  2. Click on Bill
  3. Click on O/S Positions
  4. Outstanding1.jpg
  5. Click on Go


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