Changing your Back Office password

Overview of Changing your Back Office Password

We get this question all the time! On one hand, you should periodically change your back office password to prevent any unauthorized sign-ons to your account. At the same time, it is natural that you might forgot your Back Office password. It's important to never share your back office password with anyone including with Upstox.

Before we get to how to change your password, here is an important tip on how to choose a strong password.

Choose a password consisting of 6-10 alpha-numeric characters. For help, use this website to generate a safe password.

  1. Steps to reset your password for Upstox

    1. Login to (in case you are using Keystone, the instructions are very similar).
    2. Click on 'Setting' on Top right.
    3. Click on 'Change Password'
    4. Enter your old password
    5. Enter your new password and confirm password
    6. Click Change

And that's it! In case you don't remember your old password, simply send an email to and we'll be glad to help!

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