What are the broking fees for investing in mutual funds with Upstox?

You don't have to pay any broking fees when investing in mutual funds via Upstox Mutual Funds platform. You can buy mutual funds that suit your financial goals. There are more than 2,000 mutual funds to choose from! Transaction cost is reduced thanks to no broking fees. You can start investing in mutual funds via Upstox as soon as you open an Upstox Demat account.

Broking fees are charged on intraday trading. Upstox offers you different types of funds to choose from. It provides a platform where you can research multiple mutual funds. With the Upstox Mutual Funds platform, you can study in-depth information about each mutual fund. You can see fund details before logging in. To start investing, just login to your demat account.

Start trading and investing by opening an online demat account with Upstox.

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