What is an Asset Management Company? How many AMCs are on Upstox MF?

An Asset Management Company (AMC) is a company that invests its clients' pooled funds into securities that match their declared financial objectives. Asset management companies provide investors with more diversification and investing options than they would have gotten by investing in a pool of securities by themselves.

Investing in an AMC is a financial tool that has in-built diversification. You as an individual investor can put your money with different securities at the same time. You will then get proportional returns on your investments. The requirement for a minimum investment is often waived when investing in AMCs. Whereas, there might be a minimum investment requirement when investing in multiple securities on your own.

Choose an Asset Management Company from the list below to invest with Upstox MF platform:

  1. UTI (Unit Trust of India)
  2. SBI  (State Bank of India)
  3. TATA
  4. Franklin Templeton Investment
  5. Kotak Asset Management
  6. HDFC
  7. Canara Robeco
  8. DSP BlackRock
  9. Reliance
  10. Birla Sunlife

Therefore, visit the Upstox Mutual Funds platform to invest in mutual funds run by an asset management company. You can also browse through more than 2,000 mutual funds' options. You can open an online demat account to start investing.