How can I change my brokerage plan?

You can change your brokerage plan if you have completed one month of subscription. The new plan will take one working day, from the date of subscription, to be activated. Here is how you can change your brokerage plan.


Steps to change your brokerage plan

  1.   Log in into the keystone
  2.   Click on the Priority Pack on the home screen 
  3.   Choose to subscribe to change your basic plan to priority.


Remember, the subscription will be auto-renewed on a monthly basis and the subscription charges are non-refundable. Also, if the MTM level breaches 70% of the available cash margins for a Priority Pack or Pay-Per-Order Priority Pack client, the risk team will square-off the complete positions of the client with/without intimating the clients.


To unsubscribe from the priority pack you need to send an email to ‎ requesting the change to basic plan.