How to use UPI on Upstox Pro?

UPI is a simple, easy and fast way to transfer funds, anywhere. You can also use it to fund your Upstox account. Its free and supports more than 125 banks (Is my bank listed?).

The only thing you need is a UPI ID (a Virtual Payment Address [VPA]). If you don't have one, create it in three simple steps:

1) Download GooglePay

2) Create a UPI ID

3) Link your bank account and you're done!

GooglePay explains the process here

Once you get the UPI ID created (e.g.: kishan@okicici), simply enter it when you select UPI as a mode of payment on Upstox Pro.

What will happen then?

Upstox will send a request to your GooglePay app to collect the money that you requested for Upstox Pro.

Once you click ‘Accept‘, you will be asked to enter the security pin (which you set when the UPI ID was created by you for the first time). Once done, the money will reflect in your Upstox trading account within a few seconds. Isn't that simple, easy, and fast? Try adding funds with UPI, today!