TRUST facility of CDSL

CDSL has introduced TRUST (TRansactions Using Secured Texting) as an alternative channel to submit delivery instructions, for trades done on a stock exchange. By using TRUST, the Beneficiary Owners (BOs) can send an SMS to confirm delivery instructions uploaded by the broker. If the investor is using the SMS-based TRUST application, an SMS is sent by CDSL to the BO, giving details of the instruction along with a request to confirm the same. This instruction is confirmed by the BO by sending an SMS using the TRUST application, after which the account of the BO is debited.

To reduce the time taken in sending and receiving an SMS and the situation where the you (the client) might not be available on the phone, we recommend that you sign the limited Power Of Attorney (POA). A limited POA will help the broker to process trades with your permission in faster and secure manner.