What is a Quote Panel?

Quote panel is similar to a the Watchlist Widget. Quote panel is a widget where the trader can prepare a list of stocks that she or he is interested in. A quote panel however has detailed information about each scrip.

Each listed scrip will show the following information:

  • Bid price: A click on Bid Price will open order entries of Buy and Sell.
  • Ask price: A click on Ask Price will open order entries of Buy and Sell.
  • Net quantity in intraday
  • MTM in intraday.

A quote panel consists of the One-Click Trade feature where you can place an order with just one click. For example, you can just click the Buy or Sell button and place the order. In order to perform One-Click Trades, you have to activate the feature. The dialogue box will ask you for your year of birth for security purposes. Once you enter your year of birth, a single click on the Bid and Ask buttons will send orders without asking for confirmation from you again.

One-Click Trade feature is available only for intraday orders.